Aluminium Alloy - ALUMEC 89 Hot Rolled PLATE


ALUMEC 89 Hot Rolled PLATE

Physical PropertyValue
Density 2.83 g/cm³
Thermal Conductivity 165 W/m.K



Mechanical PropertyValue
Hardness Brinell 146-180 HB

Alumec 89 is a high strength aluminium alloy
supplied in the form of hot rolled, heat treated
plate. It undergoes a special cold stretching
operation for maximum stress relieving.
Thanks to its high strength and good stability,
Alumec 89 has become widely used in the
tooling industry.
Delivery condition: heat treated to 146–180
Alumec 89 has the following characteristics
which make it suitable for many types of tools
especially plastics moulds:
Excellent machinability - High cutting speeds, reduced machining time, lower tooling costs, quicker deliveries.
Low weight - The low weight, which is approximately 1/3 of the weight of steel, allows easier and more convenient tool handling. Low inertia makes it possible to speed up closing and opening of moulds.
High thermal conductivity - Cycle times are reduced and less complicated cooling systems may be used.
Good stability - A special stress relieving operation guarantees minimal deformation during and after
Good corrosion resistance - Good resistance against all commonly used plastics materials.
Suitable for surface treatments - Alumec 89 can be hard anodized, hard chromium or nickel plated for increased hardness, wear resistance and corrosion
Full manufacturer's information and MSDS Datasheet are attached.

Temper Types

Heat treated to 146–180 Brinell.

    Supplied Forms

    • Plate

    Last Datasheet Revision

    18 December 2017


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