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EN Standards for Rolled Aluminium

The old BS1470 standard has been replaced by nine EN standards:

EN485-1: Technical conditions for inspection and delivery
EN485-2: Mechanical Properties
EN485-3: Tolerances for HOT Rolled Material
EN485-4: Tolerances for COLD Rolled material
EN515: Temper Designations
EN573-1: Numerical alloy designation system
EN573-2: Chemical symbol designation system
EN573-3: Chemical Compositions
EN573-4: Product forms in different alloys

For those familiar with the old BS1470 it is useful to highlight where the new EN standards differ:

• Chemical Compositions – No Change.

• Alloy Numbering System – No Change.

• Temper Designations for Heat Treatable Alloys – A new wider range of special tempers having up to four digits after the T have been introduced for non-standard applications (e.g. T6151).

• Temper Designations for Non Heat Treatable Alloys – No change to existing tempers but a more comprehensive definition of how tempers are achieved.

• Mechanical Properties – Similar but not identical. Also, 0.2% Proof Stress must now be quoted on test certificates.

• Thickness Tolerances – Considerably tighter for alloys 1050A & 3103. To reflect manufacturing difficulty the tolerances for alloys 5251, 5083 & 6082 are now wider than this, although still a little tighter than in BS1470.

• Length and Width Tolerances – These tend to be tighter and are now all on the plus side (i.e. minus zero).

• Flatness Tolerances – These are considerably tighter.

Alloy Groups

Please note that thickness tolerances for Cold Rolled material vary according to Alloy, with the Alloys falling into two groups as shown below.

Alloy Group I
1080A, 1070A, 1050A, 1200
3003, 3103, 3005, 3105
4006, 4007
5005, 5050
Alloy Group II
2014, 2017A, 2024
5040, 5049, 5251, 5052, 5154A, 5454, 5754, 5182, 5083, 5086
6061, 6082
7020, 7021, 7022, 7075

Thickness Tolerances - Cold Rolled Sheet & Strip

Please note that thickness tolerances for Cold Rolled material vary according to Alloy, with the Alloys falling into two groups as shown above.

The thickness tolerances also vary according to the width of the maetrial as shown in the tables below.

Thickness mmTolerance (+/-)mmTolerance (+/-)mmTolerance (+/-)mm
Group I 1000mm wideGroup I 1250mm wideGroup I 1500mm wide
0.2 to
0.41 to0.500.030.040.05
0.51 to 0.600.030.050.06
0.61 to 0.800.030.060.07
0.81 to
1.1 to
1.21 to 1.500.050.090.10
1.51 to 1.800.060.100.11
1.81 to
2.1 to
2.6 to
3.1 to

Thickness Tolerances - Cold Rolled Sheet & Strip

Thickness mmTolerance (+/-)Tolerance (+/-)Tolerance (+/-)
Group II 1000mm wideGroup II 1250mm wideGroup II 1500mm wide
0.2 to
0.41 to 0.500.030.050.06
0.51 to 0.600.040.060.07
0.61 to 0.800.040.070.08
0.81 to
1.1 to
1.21 to 1.500.070.110.12
1.51 to 1.800.080.120.13
1.81 to
2.1 to
2.60 to
3.1 to

Thickness Tolerances - Cold Rolled Sheet & Strip

Thickness mmTolerance (+/-)Tolerance (+/-)Tolerance (+/-)
Group I/II 1000mm wideGroup I/II 1250mm wideGroup I/II 1500mm wide
3.6 to
4.1 to
5.1 to
6.1 to
8.1 to
10.1 to 12.00.320.380.40
12.1 to 15.00.360.420.43
15.1 to 200.380.440.46
21 to 250.400.460.48
26 to 300.450.500.53
31 to 400.500.550.58
41 to 500.550.600.63

Thickness Tolerances - Hot Rolled Plate

Thickness mmTolerance (+/-)Tolerance (+/-)
1250mm Wide1500mm Wide
2.5 to
4.1 to 5.00.300.30
5.1 to 6.00.320.32
6.1 to 8.00.350.40
8.1 to 10.00.450.50
10.1 to 15.00.500.60
15.1 to 200.600.70
21 to 300.650.75
31 to 400.750.85
41 to 500.901.0
51 to 601.11.2
61 to 801.41.5
81 to 1001.71.8
101 to 1502.12.2
151 to 2202.52.6
221 to 3502.82.9
351 to 4003.53.7

Length Tolerances

Thickness mmHot Rolled EN485-3 (-0mm) Plus:Cold Rolled EN 485-4 (-0mm) Plus:
0.2 to 3.08.0mm6.0mm
3.0 to 6.08.0mm8.0mm
6.0 to 12.08.0mm 10mm
12.0 to 50.09.0mm-
over 50.09.0mm-
Applies to lengths 2001mm to 3000mm

Width Tolerances

Thickness mmHot Rolled EN485-3 (-0mm) Plus:Cold Rolled EN 485-4 (-0mm) Plus:
0.2 to 3.0-3.0mm
3.1 to 6.07.0mm4.0mm
6.1 to 12.07.0mm5.0mm
12.1 to 50.08.0mm-
51.0 to 2008.0mm-
201 to 40011.0mm-
Applies to widths 1001mm to 2000mmApplies to widths 501mm to 1250mm

Flatness Tolerances

ProductThickness mmMax Deviation over 2500mm lengthMax Deviation over 1250mm width
Cold Rolled0.5 to 3.010.0mm5.0mm
3.0 to 6.07.5mm3.75mm
Hot Rolled6.0 to 2005.0mm2.5mm

Last Datasheet Revision

18 July 2019


This Data is indicative only and as such is not to be relied upon in place of the full specification. In particular, mechanical property requirements vary widely with temper, product and product dimensions. All information is based on our present knowledge and is given in good faith. No liability will be accepted by the Company in respect of any action taken by any third party in reliance thereon.

Please note that the 'Datasheet Update' date shown above is no guarantee of accuracy or whether the datasheet is up to date.

The information provided in this datasheet has been drawn from various recognised sources, including EN Standards, recognised industry references (printed & online) and manufacturers’ data. No guarantee is given that the information is from the latest issue of those sources or about the accuracy of those sources.

Material supplied by the Company may vary significantly from this data, but will conform to all relevant and applicable standards.

As the products detailed may be used for a wide variety of purposes and as the Company has no control over their use; the Company specifically excludes all conditions or warranties expressed or implied by statute or otherwise as to dimensions, properties and/or fitness for any particular purpose, whether expressed or implied.

Advice given by the Company to any third party is given for that party’s assistance only and without liability on the part of the Company. All transactions are subject to the Company’s current Conditions of Sale. The extent of the Company’s liabilities to any customer is clearly set out in those Conditions; a copy of which is available on request.

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